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Breakfast Sandwich

My son Caemen just loves a Breakfast Sandwich. We very rarely go out to breakfast but I am with him, when I do, I want a breakfast sandwich. I love how everything is all in one package. So this weekend I wanted to try a new and updated version of a typical breakfast sandwich. I…

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Stuffing Spinach Balls

I had these Stuffing Spinach Balls for the first time at my friend Karen’s. It was a girls night and all the women were devouring this appetizer. We all thought we were eating the best stuffed mushrooms we had ever eaten and then we realized there wasn’t a mushroom in the house. I love stuffing,…

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Mustard Baked Sole

Well, as I promised, I wanted to share the Mustard Baked Sole recipe with you. Earlier in the week, I posted the Herbed Brown Rice Pilaf. The night I made that, I served it along side this sole recipe. I can’t begin to tell you how well they paired together. So well, that I am…

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