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Happy St. Patrick’s Weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick’s Weekend. I enjoyed some emerald champagne and french toast, croque-monsieur style.     Just take your favorite bread. Dip two slices in beaten egg and fry in a coated frying pan. I used a cast iron skillet. Then when you have flipped both slices, add sliced ham to…

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Zucchini Pie

As the summer gets started we will be finding recipes for all the garden produce, bring on Zucchini Pie! This is an amazing recipe I got from my friend Karen many years ago. I know when the zucchini starts coming in we need a lot of good recipes so I will try and share as…

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Breakfast Sandwich

My son Caemen just loves a Breakfast Sandwich. We very rarely go out to breakfast but I am with him, when I do, I want a breakfast sandwich. I love how everything is all in one package. So this weekend I wanted to try a new and updated version of a typical breakfast sandwich. I…

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