Ri Ra Irish Pub

A big thank you to Ri Ra Irish Pub for our fantastic lunch yesterday! As I sit here surrounded by 18+ inches of new snow, I am very glad we all got out of the house.

Steve, Meg, Beeb and I made a day of shopping and lunch out in Portsmouth. We had a great lunch at Ri Ra’s over the holidays and decided to go back. Beeb and I couldn’t stop thinking about the lamb burger we shared the last time there. We were horrified when we didn’t see it on the menu this time. Luckily they still have it on the appetizer part of the menu in sliders..


The Dublin Sliders as they are called, are the most amazing combination of flavors. Rosemary scented lamb topped with grilled red onions, goat cheese, curry aioli on a brioche bun. Need I say more? Just delicious. We had a great time and got to watch the Irish play the French in Rugby. Didn’t understand a bit of what was happening but the Irish were winning so it was an exciting atmorphere to say the least. Great day out.

Beeb and I have made a pack to try something different on the menu next time but I am not sure if I could do it. I am still thinking about those sliders today.

Now back to shoveling.

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