Possum Belly Bakers Table

My newest old “Favorite Thing” is my Possum Belly Bakers Table. I have been searching for a piece to use as an island in my small kitchen. I was so excited when Beeb found this bakers table while we were out antique shopping yesterday. I just love thinking that someone used this as their baking table more than a hundred years ago. Imagine the stories this table could tell. I can’t wait to start making dishes on this, new to our home, piece.



  1. Hi there what a beauty.
    we have one very similar- if not exact- We found it in the basement of a restaurant that we used to own. We loved it so much that we brought it with us when we left. I know its a no no, but we had to strip it and re-finish it since it was in such terrible condition. (plus we wanted it to be functioning in our restaurant and so we had to make it so we could wipe it/sanitize it)
    anyways, i was wondering if you could give me an idea of what you paid for it? i would really appreciate it. We are unfortunately in a position where we have to it. (if its worth selling i should say.)
    my email is bellinnrestaurant@gmail.com or i could check back here…
    thank you so much for your time

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