Pork and Apple Pie

I had to laugh when starting to make this post. I love to cook, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I am not much of a dessert maker. Today as I planned to post this Pork and Apple Pie with Cheddar Sage Crust, I remembered a conversation I overheard years ago between my Uncle Donny and my son Caemen. Caemen was probably around 12 years old, we were visting Donny and Ghislain at the farm in Montreal. Donny was baking a pie and asked Caemen what kind of pies I baked. Caemen said, “none”. Donny questioned, “not an apple pie, a blueberry pie, none?” Caemen responded, “she only makes meat pies”.

So in true form, the first pie that I post about is a Pork Pie with a Pig on the top. At least it has apples in it, right? That is a step in the right direction, no?

The first time I had this pie was in PEI at my cousin Lori’s. It was one of the best pork pies I had ever tasted. Lori is an amazing cook and it was a special fall night with family, good food and wine. When I got home, I decided to try the recipe myself. I found the recipe online and realized it came from “The Apple Lovers Cookbook” which I had purchased for my mother as a Christmas gift. So, it was meant to be that our family enjoy this recipe.



I used lard instead of butter.

Apple2I used 2 large apples of each sweet and tart, not three, and I had more than enough.

The smell of the pork cooking with the spices is so warm and comforting. I could have just thrown the crust and everything away and just eaten the pork filling right out of the pan. Done, satisfied, happy. But luckily I had others to feed and kept control long enough to add it into the pie crust.

Pork and Apple Pie

Pork and Apple Pie

Finished product was so worth it.

Pork and Apple Pie





  1. You love that story about Caemen and I don’t you ? I really was concerned that you didn’t bake pies.
    The story does give you an excellent title and segue to your recipe. I will try it soon.

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