Pallet Pool Towel Rack

So every year I try some way to cover the lovely gas meter that sits at the edge of our back yard patio. It is so ugly but I can’t completely cover it because the gas company may need access to it.


This spring I did some searching on Pinterest and found some fantastic ideas. Free Pallets can be made into almost anything at all. Some people even make deck furniture out of pallets. I decided to make a pool towel rack so we have a place to hang our wet towels after we use the pool. Looks a lot better and functional as well. Win, win.


We just took a pallet, cut a 2×4 into feet for the base and painted it. Add a couple hooks for the towels and done. Easy and cheap, what could be better. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your yard or patio, check out pallet ideas online for some great and creative ideas.


  1. Great idea. Simple yet effective, and for more than one purpose! It saved you a lot of money as well (assuming you would have bought a towel rack otherwise)… this is just a win in so many ways 🙂

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