Mombo Portsmouth

Steve and I recently enjoyed Mombo in Portsmouth. It was amazing and we had a great view from the Chef’s Bar.  7 seats at the bar viewing the chef’s at work. We had the best night of amazing food prepared in front of our eyes as we sipped our drinks. Doesn’t get much better.

My drink, the usual white wine and Steve ordered his Hendricks martini with a twist of lime. This is a drink he orders often but rarely comes the way he ordered. Usually he gets the martini with lemon, but he still likes the challenge of trying…this time it was right and he was very happy.

Mombo-DrinksNext we ordered the charcuterie board and it was amazing. The cheese, the meats, the pickled items and jams. Truly delicious. Look at the amount of fresh grilled bread they served with it…amazing. We order charcuterie boards a lot and there is never enough bread…we had two pieces left over and that was fantastic. Bread is cheap and it was so nice to have enough to enjoy our meal.

Dinner-PrepThis was our charcuterie board being prepared while we watched.

charcuterie-boardAmazing night out. If you are looking for a really good meal, check out Mombo in Portsmouth. You will not be disappointed. And check out the Chef’s Bar for additional entertainment.

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