Let’s Go Antiquing

As I sit here this Sunday we are having an April snow storm. It reminds me of April Fools day 19 years ago when my daughter Meg was born. We will never forget our daughter being born during the 1997 April Fools Day Blizzard. Happy Birthday Meg.

Prior to today’s storm it was a warm week. Sherri and I are training for our 18 mile walk this spring. One day this week we walked with her husband Brad. We made plans for a stop on our walk, into the new cheese and wine shop in town. We had a great visit with one of the co-owners and sampled some cookies and wine. Baron Forrester’s is a gorgeous shop and we will be visiting often.

I brought home some Irish Cheddar cheese and a pretty little April Cornell place mat for my Possum Belly Bakers Table. We had a snack of rolls, cheese and some of my ground cherry jam.

Rolls and Cheese

I used the same French Yeast Rolls from Philbrick’s Fresh Market to make lamb sliders. This is an amazing recipe that uses balsamic caramelized onions and whipped feta spread. The caramelized onions look so nice in this SEVERN vintage serving dish. Find this delicious recipe here: Lamb Sliders.

The week also included a quick trip to Agway for some bird seed and flower seeds. Look at these adorable baby chicks that I had a chance to visit with. So very cute.

The weekend brought some antiquing which I had been dying to do. I found some very fun little items. A Vintage Bedside Night Carafe with Tumbler Glass. I had never seen Watermelon Glass before but I love the glass we found. Steve found a unique drink to test it out. A couple antique kids books, which are always fun to share, and a beautiful table cloth for dressing up the bakers table.



After a day of chores and shopping Steve pulled out his Christmas present from Bryce, The Spirit of Gin. We decided to christen the new watermelon glass with a Classic Bronx Cocktail. Gin and orange, very fresh and delicious.

Bronx Cocktail


Saturday night dinner was cooked by Beeb and man can that woman grill! She grilled fresh salmon and I made a dill sauce. Served up with some herbed bosmati rice and asparagus. So glad we are back to grilling season again!

Grilled Salmon


Sunday we woke up to a snow storm as I mentioned before. Whats better than a warm breakfast on a stormy day? We had fresh biscuits, strawberry jam, the rest of the Irish Cheddar and fresh soft boiled eggs from our friend Brianna’s farm. These eggs are amazing. Check out her website Mount Sunapee Homestead.

Egg Breakfast


Here is hoping for some snow melt and warmer weather heading our way. Again, Happy Spring.

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