Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines. I hope everyone takes a moment to share the love today. For all of us here in the New England area, get your food and beverages in for the night and stay safe and warm during yet another blizzard.

Well, I have to tell you that after my post with Steve’s Rogue Martini, I did try a sip. I am not kidding when I say -YIKES – martinis are strong! So, I wanted to try something a little lighter with champagne. I found a good recipe for a champagne cocktail with raspberries. The recipe included creme de cassis which I had never used before. When I got to the liquor store they only had a huge bottle of creme de cassis. Now I know that I would never ever use all that creme de cassis, so that recipe was scratched.

I did however find these cute little nips of “Kinky Liqueur”. So, here we have a lighter, fruity champagne cocktail for the holiday. This was nice with peach and mango flavors.

Kinky-Raspberry Valentine


Valentine-Raspberry Champagne--1


I thinkĀ our holiday will probably be a martini for Steve and a glass of simple but elegant champagne for Renee.




Fill glasses with chilled Prosecco or Champagne. Add Kinky Liqueur for color and top with a fresh raspberry.


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