Free Range Chickens

Friday after work I got to do one of my favorite things. Lisa and I went to her parents house to visit the chickens and get some fresh eggs. I  just love visiting their house and walking around with all the chickens.

Lisa’s Mom and Dad had a hen that was sitting on 3 eggs that were not going to hatch. The poor hen was getting very stressed and sad. So Lisa’s Dad went out and bought 3 baby chicks. They had them in a small box off the kitchen and I was able to hold one. It fell asleep in my hand and there is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby chick.

That night Lisa and her Dad swapped out the eggs with the three baby chicks. Mom and babies are all safe and warm and doing fine. It made my Saturday morning to hear that it really worked!

So, I wanted to share a picture of their beautiful hens and some of my favorite breakfast dishes.

HensBeautiful Hens

Breakfast-DishesMy Good Day juice glasses from Anthropologie. Blue ceramic egg holder from Anthropologie. Glass egg timer Steve gave me for Christmas. A couple of my egg cup holders and the newest addition to the kitchen, mason jar silverware holder.

Soft-Boiled-EggYummy Sunday Morning Breakfast. For a reminder on how to cook the perfect soft boiled egg, go to my post, Good Morning Sunshine Soft Boiled Egg.

Egg-CupHappy Sunday.


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