Rosa's Biscuits

Dinner and a Biscuit

Last night Steve picked up ribs for our Saturday Night In with a Movie. We had ribs, baked beans and I wanted to try this biscuit recipe. Now my family is probably very confused because we have the best biscuit recipe ever. But, I read this story in Bon Appetit and I just had to try Rosa’s Biscuits.

The biscuits were good but the sugar made them sweeter than I am used to. I thought they would be nice with a fruit sauce for breakfast. So, we had the left over biscuits with blueberry sauce this morning. They were great and it gave me an excuse to picture them on the little plates that Steve gave me for Christmas. He picked these adorable plates up at “Outfitters Thrift Shop” on Main Street, Concord. I just love them!

And lastly, our movie was, “The Hundred-Foot Journey”. It was fantastic! If you are a foodie, I think you would love this movie.



  1. Hi Renee…this is awesome…I just hope that I can remember to check back every now and then for good recipes! 🙂 Keep cooking and showing your work!! I can NEVER remember to post a pic of my food dishes! oh well…I will leave that job to you!!

  2. Thank you for inviting me to your blog… Love all the delicious meals and treats you post…Yippie BLOG away my

  3. Hi Renee – so excited about your site and I am really looking forward to all of the fabulous recipes you will be sharing – my issue frequently is, what is for dinner! Can’t wait! Anne

  4. To my friends and family who have posted so far. I need feed back on one thing. Do you feel it’s easy to view a post and then get to another one? I know you can back arrow but I feel like it may be difficult to get from one post to another easily. Please feel free to give real feedback. I am also having issues with how the site shows from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer and Firefox for example. In Chrome it is fine but the others the words are broken up in the sentence. This is being worked on but I want to make sure I know how it looks. Please let me know what you think. Thank you all for the great response. Happy Girl tonight.

  5. This is great Renee! Love the presentation and picture.
    Feedback: I do not see wherre you can click to the next blog post. I see at the end of the feed we are directed to “recent
    comments”. It woudl be nice to has a button to click (next) at the end of reading teh current post.

    1. Rita, thanks so much and thanks for the feedback. I feel the same way so I think I might look for a different layout. I will keep you posted.

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