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Donut Muffins

I was watching Food Network the other day and came across an episode of Pioneer Woman. Ree was making French Breakfast Puffs. I think she said the recipe was from her 7th grade teacher. I thought, wow, if you keep a recipe around that long its got to be good. Now this is not your…

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A Warm Waffle

On a cold morning we need something warm and comforting to start the day. It’s time to bring out a jar of Blueberry Sauce from the pantry shelf. I canned tons of this sauce over the summer so we could have fresh blueberry flavor all winter long. Today I warmed it over a low heat…

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Wow-What a Fried Egg

Words cannot express how happy my mouth was at the first bite of this egg. I have never tasted a fried egg that was this complex. The Olive Oil-Fried Egg. in this months issue of Bon Appetit, page 97. I had never considered frying an egg in olive oil before. It is amazing, the bottom…

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