Baby Chick Dish

Bring On Spring

The past week has made us want spring to be sprung. I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I enjoyed decorating and trying a few new recipes. I pulled out my favorite little baby chicks bowl. It’s so cute that I have a hard time putting things in it.

Baby Chick Dish

A little bit of birds nest is also a good way to get the feel of spring…

Egg Nest


I found a great recipe for Rainbow Roasted Vegetables. Look how pretty these look even before they are roasted.

Rainbow Veggies


These roasted veggies were delicious and I added cooked apple chicken sausage. SO good. Get the recipe here:

I served the dish on my newest favorite vintage serving platter. A John Maddock & Sons Royal Vitreous platter.

Roasted Veggies and Chicken Sausage


Tulips in a nice vase will also get me closer to being outside in the garden. I can’t wait to be outside again.



Steve is always looking for a new cocktail recipe. I found this one and it was delicious. A rosemary gin gimlet to wrap up the weekend. I used rosemary from the herb garden and doesn’t it look lovely in a vintage hollow stem champagne glass.

Rosemary Gin Gimlet


Get excited everyone. Spring is almost here.

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