Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book

Saturday morning Steve and I did a quick trip to a local estate sale and I am proud to say I am the new owner of this vintage Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.


We both love to yard sale in the summer but I have to say that an estate sale can sometimes be emotional. We found out that the lady who lived in the home had recently passed away. It is sad to walk through a home that you know has so very many memories. The garage was pristine and I am sure the way her husband before her had left it. Every room was so well kept and even the basement was immaculate.

We were happy to give a few things a new home. There was an old wooden paint ladder in the garage which we brought home. But best of all was this wonderful Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book that I found in the basement. The lady of the house had taped her directions for cooking a good turkey on the inside page and if you can see in the picture she marked a couple of her favorite recipes on the front cover. (those will be the first ones I try). I am addicted to Mad Men and it reminds me of that so much. I will enjoy this cookbook to the fullest.




We also found two twin beds with lovely bedspreads that we took home to have for our twin beds in our cottage on PEI. I have always wanted vintage bedspreads like these. They were in a bedroom that I am sure was for the grand kids. “Gates George Washington’s Choice Loomed to be Heirloomed” is what the tag says”. Well they were heirloomed with her family and they will live on with mine. I hope she is very happy about that. I didn’t get a picture of them as they are all ready packed for PEI but this is a good example, so pretty.


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