Beach House Towel Rack

Beach House Lobster Trap Towel Rack. I was so excited when we put this towel rack together. Last summer our bathroom at the cottage had a renovation, as you know from my previous post. Well, it’s a very small bathroom and we needed to use every inch of the space. I had been online getting ideas and thought we would make something with driftwood.

So, on our last trip in the fall, Steve and I went for a walk on the beach to look for driftwood. Before we took two steps onto the beach we found an old broken up lobster trap. Steve grabbed the one piece that was still whole and we brought it back to the cottage. It was as if it was made to fit on the bathroom wall. Perfect fit and with a couple rings and the robe we used to tie back the shower curtain, we had ourselves a towel rack.

I had seen so many ideas like this on Pinterest and it was so fun to make our own PEI version with a lobster trap.

Summer on PEI can’t come soon enough…


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