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A Spring Weekend on The Farm

Beeb and I were lucky enough to make a trip to Quebec to visit my Uncles’ Donny and Ghislain this weekend on The Farm. I can’t express how excited we get about time on The Farm. Donny and Ghislain are wonderful cooks and we were spoiled everyday from breakfast to dessert.

Does that not look like we were at a French Country Inn? How lucky were we?!

In between delicious meals we spent time meandering around the farm with hens, peacocks, Moselle (the dog), Pearl and Lilly Rose (the cats).



Lilly Rose

Lilly Rose



Being at The Farm always reminds me of my Favorite Things. Like taking a stroll to the stream and counting Lady’s Slippers along the way. (this year we were a little early but we found a few that were almost in bloom)

Lady's Slipper

Lady’s Slipper

Sitting in the sun room looking at cookbooks and watching a House Wren build her nest.

House Wren

House Wren

Visiting with the hens and peacocks in the yard while they wander around between the flowers.

Setting the table with linens, vintage china and stemware. Having wine on the table at all times, even breakfast, is a new Favorite Thing that I am going to start. Haha, why not.

These simple things make life so much better. After all tea in a vintage tea set is way better than a paper cup or travel mug, right?

We left today with fantastic memories and feeling very spoiled. Who will make our tea tomorrow morning? Reality awaits.

vous et acclamations remercier Donny and Ghislain!


  1. We are overwhelmed by you blog…is this really our place you so eloquently describe and illustrate so
    beautifully. Ghislain has only on word: ├ępoustouflant….

    Thanks for taking the time to share your visit.

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