Monthly Archives: June 2015


Easy Blueberry Pie

Well, it was just Fathers Day and I again admit, I am still working on the baking thing, hence Easy Blueberry Pie. Steve’s favorites for the day were lobster and blueberry pie. I had originally planned on making a homemade crust but lets be real, it’s June and that wasn’t happening, weather is too good.…

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Zucchini Pie

As the summer gets started we will be finding recipes for all the garden produce, bring on Zucchini Pie! This is an amazing recipe I got from my friend Karen many years ago. I know when the zucchini starts coming in we need a lot of good recipes so I will try and share as…

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Pallet Pool Towel Rack

So every year I try some way to cover the lovely gas meter that sits at the edge of our back yard patio. It is so ugly but I can’t completely cover it because the gas company may need access to it. This spring I did some searching on Pinterest and found some fantastic ideas.…

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Melon Bites

Looking for a light and fruity treat, try these Melon Bites with Prosciutto and Lime Drizzle. I made these for Easter Sunday Brunch and they were very tasty. The saltiness of the prosciutto with the sweet of the melon was a perfect pairing. Topped with the juice of a lime and what a pretty dish.…

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