Monthly Archives: January 2015


Wow-What a Fried Egg

Words cannot express how happy my mouth was at the first bite of this egg. I have never tasted a fried egg that was this complex. The Olive Oil-Fried Egg. in this months issue of Bon Appetit, page 97. I had never considered frying an egg in olive oil before. It is amazing, the bottom…

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Apple Crate End Table

I love finding old used things and giving them a new home and purpose. That’s just what I did with this old apple crate. Now it holds a few of my favorite cookbooks and magazines. And, it does a nice job keeping my wine close by while I ready them. Perfect!…

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Pineapple Teriyaki Salmon

So if you read my post from last night and my Uncle D’s comment, they don’t love salad. Now, I love salad, I love trying all kinds of salads, spring salads, garden (chopped really small like Linda Lou does it), spinach salads, panzaneila salads, well you get my drift. I can’t get enough salad recipes.…

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A Visit With My Nieces

First off let me say, Congrats to the Patriots!! Super Bowl here they come. Yesterday was fun, football and family. A visit from my brother Paul and his girls, CJ and Elizabeth. They wanted to work with the lighting and post pictures to my blog. I had found these huge blueberries the day before and…

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